Opening My Eyes in NYC

It is no secret that New York City is packed with history and adventure.  What many people do not understand is that there really is something interesting on every corner. I realized this during Dan Haygood’s optional activity where he took four of us on a tour of Columbia University, to visit the Restaurant in Seinfeld, and to visit the café in “You’ve Got Mail” all in ONE evening.  After this experience, I realized that one of my main challenges has been opening my eyes and enjoying the view during my travels from point A to point B, as I am a very time-conscious, destination driven person.  From living in New York this summer, I am learning that it’s important to take a second to stop and look around you, or you might miss something great.

After realizing this, I started my experiment on actually opening my eyes by people watching. After doing this in Chelsea, I made a joke to my roommates that we could probably walk around wearing fruit costumes in The City and get no reaction out of anyone.  My first experiences in New York have all involved people being as individualistic as they please. This is truly beautiful, and is something you can’t find everywhere (or anywhere else I’ve been for that matter!)  Whether it’s dodging someone’s two-feet-wide hairstyle or avoiding being stomped on by another’s platform heels, there’s always something.  While on the Subway visiting a friend in Brooklyn, I was surprised by a boy yelling “OK SHOW TIME PEOPLE, SHOW TIME!” After this, a boy with a boom box played hip hop music while the rest of the group took turns doing flips, dancing and jumping around in the subway. This was a true New York moment… and it was great.  I’m learning that unexpected exciting events come daily in New York!

My main personal experience in New York has been growing up faster than ever before.  A discussion with one of my close friends allowed me to experience this realization.  Living in New York City teaches you when you don’t know you are learning.  The City teaches you about diversity, because it is filled with so many people who are comfortable displaying who they are publicly; history because it has been home to so much; and fun because there is so much to do!


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