A New York Cinema Experience

Yesterday I looked at my agenda and quickly did a double take of the date. It was almost impossible to believe we have already been here for six weeks. This time in New York City has flown by and it is hard to imagine that we have less then three weeks left. I feel like this has been the busiest I have ever been in my whole life, but I’m loving it. As most of my friends know, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. I was counting down the days till the release of the final movie. Two of my other follow Elon in New York participates and I went to get a slice of good ole New York Pizza before the movie last Thursday.


We ended up arriving about an hour and a half early to the premier of the movie to get good seats. We had purchased tickets online earlier, which was very smart because the show was sold out almost everywhere in the city apparently. Although people across the nation were watching the end of the series at midnight, watching it in New York, only three blocks from where I live, gave the movie something extra. I always liked going to the midnight showing because I believe its when the true fans come out. When I went in Raleigh, North Carolina when Harry Potter 7 Part 1 came out it was fun, but seeing it in the city was a whole different experience. My ticket was double the price it would have been in North Carolina, almost $17.  The popcorn cost about as much as an entire dinner, but it was all worth it.  My friends and I went to the Clear View Theater on 23rd Street, where two employees went to the front of the theater and raffled off posters before the movie started. The audience also went to the front of the theater and acted out some of their favorite scenes from previous Harry Potter movies. This proved to me once again how the people of Chelsea are so out going, and not afraid to be who they are, as weird as that might be. Although waking up for my internship that Friday morning was not the best, it was worth the lack of sleep for the great experience.



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